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Looking for Cheap GoPro Alternatives? Uber-brand Sony has announced the launch of that first true action camera, it also looks like its holding no punches within its goal to challenge the likes of GoPro and Drift for market domination.

No matter the wide range of buzz surrounding the launch of this camera, Sony isn’t the first major electronics brand to step directly into action sports arena. JVC recently introduced the ADIXXION, an attribute-rich action camera which is certainly proving popular within action sport communities.

Available Cheap GoPro Alternatives

With JVC collecting the positive reception it really has, it was eventually merely a matter of time before another major retailer stepped up to claim their part of the pie. So simply what does the Sony Action Cam have to offer?

The Best GoPro Alternative Action Cam, as the name suggests, has been featured with action sports in mind. It’s small, tough, and accustomed any form of extreme sport, from cycling to paragliding and everything inbetween.

It boasts five video modes, including an industry first 4x slow-mode in HD 720p (120fps) for super slow-motion capability. Plus it shoots full 1080p HD (30fps), 2x slow mode in HD 720p (60fps), standard HD 720p (30fps), and SD VGA 480p (30fps).

When developing this camera, the opportunity to draw inspiration and technology from its vast portfolio of existing high-end cameras was undoubtedly a serious advantage for Sony, as the next features would suggest.

The cheaper alternative to gopro camera includes a backlit 16-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor for enhanced low-light sensitivity, and look like Sony’s DSLR cameras, the Action Cam contains a 170 degree Carl Zeiss Tessar glass lens, which looks set to supply some of the sharpest video ever seen from within an action camera.

The Action Cam features Sony’s SteadyShot image stabilisation technology to assist cope with the inevitable vibrations of action sports, and an excellent feature called ‘3-Way Shake Cancelling’. French adds electronic roll stability, which in principle allows for increased mobility, meaning you can mount the camera virtually anywhere without effecting the video quality.

In step with many modern action cameras, the Sony Action Cam emerged with two models, a car battery, and as well as one without WiFi capability. Users of the standard, non-WiFi model will have to accept operating the device using the built-in LCD screen, as the WiFi version permit users to browse the camera and wait in queue shots via their smartphone.

Compact and Portable Alloy Aluminum Body Design
SJCAM SJ7 it possesses a dimension of 5.90 x 4.10 x 2.11 cm with a brandname-new alloy aluminum body. Is equipped with a water-resistant housing that it’s going to be taken taking photos below the water. It has a simple design so that it’s common operation. When using the 2-inch LCD screen, you’ll be able to preview the shooting videos and images. Most importantly, this touchscreen capability means that you can utilize it by only a tap of you fingertip. It must three color options, which includes black, golden rose and to discover the silver.

World Class Leading Ambarella MPU
This camera adopts a great world-class Ambarella A12S75 chipset to reinforce omnidirectional performance. By increasing dynamic contrast, it will provide separation brightness and darkness. Basically, this MPU may offer you ultra sharpness images. And this has Sony IMX117 CMOS.

4K Ultra High-Definition Photography
The highlight of SJCAM SJ7 is the 4K resolution for shooting ultra HD images and videos. This high-end configuration allows you to make knowledgeable cinema quality clip to capture your each wonderful moment.

Moreover, it supports 166-degree wide angles shooting. Generated a wider viewing perspective, it offers the better and unique visual impact. And plus it supports handheld remote control, which allows you to view, photography and the film effortlessly.

The action controls necessary while mobile are not hard to be accessible found on the top. The playback controls plus the settings line the base of the action camera underneath the 1.5? LCD. It is a major advantage on the GoPro Hero 2 plus the Contour+ that do not have a viewing screen.

The SJCAM SJ7 is an outstanding sport camera, which features 4K high-definition shooting, waterproof and compact and portable body.


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